It's beena minute. More than a year in fact. I have had all kinds of things to say, opinions and new vows to myself, and the universe.

Here's what happened in the last year:

not that much.

Really. A year passed and the only BIG thing i'd say that happened is that I got a new bike and a cat. Everything else has basically stayed similar.

I'd like to change that, but i seem to get stuck on some details. and stuck on myself most of all.

I'm always starting new things and then dropping the ball. I have this unrealistic fear. I've failed a zillion times, but not usually at what I care about. oh, sigh, the millennial in me is escaping and embarrassing.

I have some plans to FINISH this upcoming year. I won't be starting anything new, I will work on following through and finishing things.

It feels good to get that out. I plan on being here more often, to blurt things out and throw them into the webby void.

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