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October 27, 2017

I've been quiet lately and uninspired to write about it.  It's not that my mind has been quiet, it's anything but...


I just don't find that writing anything down solves or solidifies anything for me.   I enjoy it, and so I do it when it feels good.  


First order of business;


It's almost halloween.  I am excited and also very nervous.  My confidence levels have sunk to an all time low lately.  I don't feel very worthy or capable.  I've been exploring where this comes from. I don't know yet.  I have a costume, but I want to curl up and hermit instead.  I always walk the line between feeling so threatened, and having fun.  It's frustrating and tiring.  I think it requires a talk, but communication cane hard to come by.


My winter garden has been decimated by deer.  Again, and then for a third time.  They are real brats out here.  Next year ( I am hopeful, but sometimes I wonder why I bother) I hope to put up some more raised beds and hoop houses.  I've planted some garlic, lettuces, chard, and a few cabbages.  Maybe if I'm lucky they will survive the deer.  With Alex's help I constructed a chicken wire screen top for one of the beds.  The other bed is a over planted mess of winter crops.  I don't mind just letting it grow as a cover crop and tilling it in come spring.  Good compost :) 


The chickens!  I love them.  I can't wait to start selling cartons of eggs.  A while back Lucy was stolen out of the coop.  I suspect a fox ate her.  So we installed a door in the coop and so far so good.  It's a bit of a chore to open and chose it daily, but it's really not that bad.  I should be checking on them daily anyways.  The chickens I have right now are as follows:


Scarlett- Rooster, breed unknown

4 x rhode island reds

5x americana

3 x black sex link

4 x gold sex link

2 x silkies

4 x bantam (unknown specific)


I was hoping to have a few more varieties by now, but I think I will use this winter to do some work on the coop. 


In spring I would like to add to my flock.  I would like to add turkeys, some french copper marines, olive eggers, easter eggers, some buff orphingtons, and some white egg layers.  


So far I have four folks I know personally interested in purchasing eggs from me.  Yesterday Jason and I came up with a few cool names at work for my chicken biz.  I will keep them secret for now.  xo xo





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