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I've finally finished adding another weapon to my arsenal. My arsenal is large and remains primarily unused. Another topic for another post.

Anyhow. You may have noticed I have added Certified Primal Health Coach to my professional repertoire.

Neat, right? I thought so too. In fact, I thought it was cool a year ago. The timing was all wrong, but I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth.

So, one false start, and a successful re-start here I sit - certified.


Now what? I've got a name chosen, a web site, an Instagram, a secret Facebook page and I haven't got a single client. I feel OK with that, for now. I need to work on what I am offering, and to whom. I am excited and nervous. Not only am I working on that, but I also enrolled in the Endurance Mastery Course hoping to use that information to focus on athletes or wanna-be athletes (including myself!).

So... what do you folks look for in a coach? What services, perks or package ideas rank high on the client list? I have my own ideas, but I'm not out to serve myself these days.

Feed me!

#goals #education #primal

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