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the "G" word

August 24, 2017

Goals are wondrous and terrible things.  


We're all told to set goals.  Write. That. Shit. Down. Girl.   Put it where you'll see it every day.  Put it everywhere.  See it many times a day.  Focus.  Drive.  Boss Babe.  Boss, boss boss. Make yourself accountable, and enlist your friends, your face book friends and every stranger you meet.  


I'm done with seeing goals this way.  In the grind of pursuing goals the journey sometimes gets lost.  Huh?  


Hear me out, but stop reading whenever you want because I may not finish this. The best part is - I don't have to.


I don't HAVE to do anything.  I don't have to BE anything, and I don't have to "stay the mother-fucking course", either.


The pursuit of goals is an admirable thing.  I've done it, and I'll bet you have too.  If we've been educated in goal setting we follow the steps.  


Set a goal.

Set a time line.

Is the goal achievable?

Make yourself accountable.

Make reminders.  Post-its, empowering screen savers, phone backgrounds, make a dream board.  

Dream about the goal.

Meditate, and set intensions about it.

Wine, dine and 69 that goal, girl.


I'm over it.  What the hell happened to trying everything.  Sure, set a goal, but don't follow it with blinders.  Explore the left, the right and even go backwards.  


I've set too many goals, and failed many, many times.  What did I learn?


 Don't set goals, instead have an idea and pursue many outlets leading toward the idea.  I have this idea that in 2019 I will run (loose terminology) 100 miles.  

Over the course of the next few years I will do nothing in particular to get there.  I will do everything and anything that calls to me.  


If it calls to me to sit on my butt and not run a single mile in 2019, I will do that instead, because I only have this day to worry about.  I will not allow a steady diet of goal-purging interrupt the course of the entirety of my life. 

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