SOB 15k Race Report

Today was the day I was supposed to run 50 miles again. I did not run 50 miles today. I didn't even do a 50k. I took it sweet and easy on the 15k course. Like REALLY sweet and easy. I almost didn't.

If you've been following me, you know I'd been living in an RV for the past seven months. I found it difficult to keep any kind of schedule, motivation or ways to make running easier on myself. I also had some personal drama that totally derailed my, less than stellar training attempts.

Recently I moved into a real home. (!!!) I ordered a bed frame for our mattress. We set the frame up Wednesday evening. Thursday morning I smashed my knee into it. Awesome. So all of Thursday and Friday my knee was tender, sore and unhappy. I already knew I was going to be doing the 15k, but Friday evening I wasn't even convinced that was going to happen for me.

I set the alarm and slept. I got a charlie-horse at some point during the night in my calf. It's been happening a lot lately. No idea why. Anyhow... I woke up, put on a brand new running out fit (rookie move with a good outcome) as suggested by Ms Nickles.

I make the drive, forget my hat, forget my camera, and forget breakfast. At least I've got shoes this time. Pick up the bib, and sit in the car until the start. I knew I wanted to go slow and baby the knee.

The scenery reminded me SO much of the Tushars outside of Beaver Utah. It gave me all the good feels.

Here are some photos I snapped while i plopped happily along.

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