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buti training

March 29, 2017


This weekend I spent four days in Pendleton, Oregon.  Back in February I decided I wanted to explore getting a Buti yoga certification.  Let's start with the drive to Pendleton.


Oregon is shaped like a rectangle and I currently live in the lower left hand corner of Oregon.  Pendleton is in the upper right corner.  This meant a seven hour drive.  I decided to head north and then east for the drive there.  The scenery was lovely and varied.  Rolling hills, wide open space, narrow gorges, rivers and water falls.  The beginning was rainy, but navigable anyway.  I had stopped for a short run and cut it short because I ended up getting a headache after lunch.  Boo.  But something is better than nothing.  So I continued to Pendleton.  


I left southern Oregon around 9 am and arrived in Pendleton around 5:30-6pm.  I had reserved a room at the Howard Johnson.  Or so I thought.  They had changed the name of the hotel and not send out any notifications.  After the small panic, I asked and it was fine.  I had found the hotel... motel.  


The place was nice enough.  Nothing to write home about, although I wish they had supplied a real blanket as opposed to a sheet and a thicker sheet at night.  I realized I forgot to bring a hi lighter and took a walk, made some snack purchases and then took a bath.


I LOVE taking baths.  I love to relax and read in the bath.  I love to just space out.  It prevents me from multi tasking in such a relaxing way.  The next morning it would be time for to exit the comfort zone.


I met up with Kelsey in the morning and we walked over to the studio a few storefronts down.  Nani was our master instructor.  She did a phenomenal 90 minute master class that throughly kicked ass.  If you've never done Buti it's hard to really convey the feeling of a live class.  I learned this first hand.  The energy soaks the room, and it's a really beautiful event.  


Then it was time to make our way through the learning section.  Think of this as like 7 hours of HIIT work outs with a few breaks.  


Nani worked us SO hard.  We needed it.  We needed to hit those low points in order to rise up and find strength.  It must be a part of the plan.  It's also a lot to go through in two days.  We were sore, feeling crunchy and tired leaving that night.  We headed to a lovely restaurant called the Prodigal Son, where we had diner around 10pm.  


The next day would be for another 90-minute master class followed by some practice, and time for questions.  Then.... demos.  The night before we were given three artists to choose 12 minutes of music from.  This 12 minute segment would become our demo to teach the class.  We were doing 12 minute demos for 22 bad-ass women.  Ouch.  Sunday was so amazing.  You wouldn't believe how scared we were.  It was a strange mix of fear and courage.  Every one did their demos (minus Kelsey for a knee injury)  It was just SO amazing, exhausting, educational and inspiring.  There were moments of tears, and healing for the whole group.  


I passed my certification with some suggestions for improvement.  I am looking forward to working on bettering my practice. I am looking forward to befriending music again too.  I went home that night after a great dinner with more of the ladies at Denny's and took a bath.  I was so sore.  This training worked me so different than running does.  I'm not accustomed to moving in such 3-Dimmensional ways, and I was feeling it big time.


 I thought I was strong.  


My definition of strong has been redefined by Buti.  











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