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can you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street

March 20, 2017

I don't feel comfortable being political.  I don't feel well educated in the sphere. I feel that the many secrets and  lack of transparency are so pervasive that even if I did feel educated... how would I even know if what I thought was true, was truly true.  Ya know? Conspiracy? 


There are many topics that I find nag-worthy, but uneducated about.  One subject I am uneducated about is PBS and our national public television and radio programming.    I see headlines, not unlike everyone else, about PBS cuts proposed by the Trump administration.  I cringe, but I scroll on.  


I am uncomfortable and disappointed, but short of donating money... I don't know what I could do that would help. Financially I am not in a place where I can donate monetarily, as much as the convenience factor appeals to me. 


I spent many years as a child watching Sesame Street, until 4th and 5th grade.  This was likely older than my peers, but without cable I had few options for programs.  I didn't have any older siblings or peers to steer me away from it and so I enjoyed it for many years.


 Photo courtesy: HBO kids


I'll admit I do not own a Television anymore, and I haven't watched Sesame Street in over a decade (probably more) but I don't want to see it disappear.  But I don't know why.  For the sake of nostalgia? Is that even reasonable?  No.


I decided to do some snooping. I wanted to explore both sides of this debate.  So I first explored this article on *gulp* Breitbart.  The article lists five reasons to cut funding to PBS/NPR.  The five reasons are interesting, and even surprisingly (to me) contain validity.   I learned some things I didn't know about Sesame Street.  I had NO idea that HBO Kids and the show had partnered.  


The article also poses a great point about access to the programming.  If the community is so concerned with the well being of entertaining lesser privileged families, there are so many other ways to contribute to success than arguing about funding for television.  I do see the catch-22 here.  The catch is that the money saved from public programming is likely NOT going to go towards something beneficial for those in poverty who rely on NPR/PBS for news needs.  Most families have access to smart phones or other devices to stream selected programming.  


I feel conflicted over this.  The article makes some good points.  I suspect (no evidence to support my suspicion admittedly, except for this) that PBS and NPR are here to stay with or without federal funding.  Do I think that media outlets are biased?  Yes, I do.  Anything that invites editorial or opinion work will inherently contain bias.  It is human.  I do not think this is necessarily bad or wrong.  


I am no journalist, nor do I claim to have any idea of how the news is produced, edited or distributed.  I would like to see news as credible, traceable facts only.  Facts from both sides with out judgement or opinion mixed in.  I want to see news parsed down to facts and flow charts.  


If this than this.  Or this than that.  Make news more like math.  Is this idea naive? Let me know, educate me and comment below.  










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