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March 9, 2017

I want you to try this.  Get a piece of paper, start a note or if you are stubborn just make a mental list.  I want you to complete this;



I am













Before I ask what you came up with I want you to throw it away, delete it or forget everything you listed.  Instead, I want you to do this….


I am.






Do you notice the subtle difference?  All I did was add a period.  I don’t mean to waste your time, but what kinds of time do you waste with the stories you tell yourself about yourself all the time?  


Last year I completed a great teacher training with Rachel C. at Yoga Soul.  We did and exercise similar to this.  I was presented with a sheet of paper reading


“I am…”  the idea was for me to proceed with who I thought I was.  Later on down the page was the same phrase to be completed later during the training.  


Sure, yes, like many of you I started listing all kinds of labels I claim.  Sister, Daughter, Runner, Human, Dog mom, Girlfriend, blah blah blah.  I stopped.  What’s the point of all of this?  I didn’t ask, but I struggled.  I really just wanted it to be basic.  I was having this fight with this sentence in my head.  All of these labels.  I could look back and tell you precisely what I wrote, but it came down to this.


I am human.  


I could have made it even simpler and just added that period.  At the time I didn’t really think too much into it.  It just felt like what I needed to put down.  



Launch into a new year, a new state, a new “home” and new job.  I work quite a distance from home, and if given me ample time for podcasts and music.  I happened to be listening to  WanderLust pod cast featuring a pre-recording of the now late  Wayne Dyer wanderlust presentation.  





He talked about yaweh, I am, and I had a great realization!  I’ll tell you about it next time.  For now, take some time and listen to the podcast…





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