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more than i bargained for.

February 14, 2017

I’d like to think my transition from traditional living to RV life was graceful.  I’d be a big fat liar if I said that.  I struggled and grieved.  


RV life at this point didn’t feel like a choice (but it was my own), it felt like a last resort.  It was stressful and harder than I anticipated.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t think I’d have such a hard time adjusting.  



Naturally Oregon is a moist place.  Ok, so a little rain and grey skies - no big deal, right?  No.  Wrong.  All kinds of wrong in fact.  Oregon happened to be having an unusually wet fall and winter.  The RV had no hook ups.  Hook ups?  What’s that?  I had no idea either, until we didn’t have them.  

When I thought that an RV would be a great plan… I thought we’d have power, and be able to use the small facilities.  Ya know, the shitter, shower and sink.  Wrong.  We couldn’t use those, and to top off my misery we had no electricity.  


I had bitten of more than I could chew.   So I did what anyone would do.  I cried and pouted and refused to get out of bed for a week.  I languished and pitied my dilemma and spent many hours considering how it came to be.  


But what was my dilemma?  


Let me go off in a tangent.  We’ll get back to the story.  


Now… I don’t consider myself overly materialistic.  I see the value in certain things though.  Particularly sanitation and power.  I don’t NEED shiny things, and fancy items, but I have my limits.  This existence pushed my buttons.  It just really sucked.  


Back to my dilemma… So I try to talk myself out of the misery.  I tell myself “ you’re luckier than some, at least you’re not without a roof over your head” or “ count the blessings you have and don’t sweat the rest”.  I tried all the pick-me-ups I could think of.  At the end of the day…. I just wanted to wallow in my mistake.  


It was time to come up with a plan…

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